custom wood steelhead net

Farrell Nets, custom hand made wooden fishing nets using local hardwoods and each one will be unique, it may be similar to other nets I have made but each will have it’s own character. The hoops are made from steam bent laminations of 4 or 5 thin strips of hardwood for both strength and appearance, a combination of different woods is used in the hoop or handle, a top rated marine epoxy is used to glue the nets together.

Handles can be made from almost any type of hardwood in any reasonable length.

Each net features my fish logo burnt into the top of the handle with a wood burning tool by hand and is numbered, signed and year dated.

For now I have set up for 4 basic hoop sizes, Steelhead Net size, Fly Fishing Net size and a Boat Net size, but will be adding more sizes and styles as time and demand allows.

Net #035

Steelhead Net
Hoop size 18" x 14" (approx)

Net #027

Boat Net
Hoop size 20" x 17" (approx)