Boat Net #53

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This net was custom made for Brad at Soo North Fly Shop

Compared to the Steelhead nets these nets have larger net hoops and longer handles to make netting fish from a boat much easier. Perfect for Drift Boat use.

For extra strength and durability the hoop is a lamination made from 5 layers of hardwood 1/8″ thick glued together with a premium “Waterproof” marine epoxy.

In this net style the hoop laminations are, from outside to inside Walnut, Tiger Maple, Walnut, Tiger Maple Walnut.

The handle on this net is made from Tiger Maple and is 40″ long.

  • This net was custom made for Brad at Soo North Fly Shop

Please use the contact form if you would like more information on this net or would like to have one made especially for you, build time is about 3 to 6 weeks depending on availability of special wood types.

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  • Overall length of this net is approx. 60 inches.
  • Hoop Size is approx. 20 X 17 inches
  • Handle length is approx. 40 inches
  • Measurements are listed as approx. as each net is hand made and lengths can vary slightly.
  • Perfect for Drift Boat use.
  • Includes a netbag.