Steelhead Net #050 (Long Handle)

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I wanted to try something a bit different for net number 50 so I started with 5 strips in the net hoop section and planed down some of the outer layer to have it feather into the Maple like on the handle.

  • Steelhead Net #050

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  • The net hoop is the regular size 14 x 18¼ inches
  • Handle length is 18 inches, including the brass eyelet.
  • Overall length is 36½ inches
  • Hoop is made from strips of Cherry and Walnut and Maple
  • Handle is made from solid Walnut
  • I have installed a net made with the material I usually use on Boat Nets.
  • Price is $145.00 plus $40.00 for the Magnetic Net Release & Safety Cord.